BlissTrends Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Color:  Grey


The size of the knee pillow is 10.2"x7.9"x5.7", in the process of use can be a perfect fit for the body parts, will not move easily, so that your spine and hips to maintain the correct posture, effectively avoid collision of the knee to reduce the pressure on the body, comfortable and firm.

All the Details of Blisstrend Just to Provide a Better Night's Sleep

Soft but Supportive Memory Foam

BlissTrends Knee Pillow is made of high-density memory foam material that provides strong support for painful body parts. It can be an aid to promote blood circulation, improve body pain and help with post-operative injuries.The material is soft and flexible with excellent support.

Washable Cover

BlissTrends are equipped with a removable and washable pillowcase, when your knee pillow is accidentally dirty, just remove the pillowcase and put it into the washing machine for cleaning.

Breathable Material

The pillowcase of the knee pillow is made of high quality fabric, which is soft to the touch and will not irritate the skin, and the breathable pillowcase also ensures that the pillow is not easy to heat up during use.

Easy to Operation Zip

The zip is small and delicate, safe and durable, easy to operate, not easy to get stuck or torn, which greatly extends the use of the knee pillow and provides a better experience for the customer.